Referral Fee


Refer us any client for tutoring, term papers, resumes, editing, lab work, or any of our services and we will directly pay you $25 for each tutoring referral or 10% of the gross sale of any writing assignment. This is a one-time payment per referral. You can earn this amount for every new referral who actually uses our service.

You must call us or email us ahead of time. Give us your name and phone number and then the names, phone numbers/email addresses of the people you are referring. If they use our services, you get $25 or 10% for each referral that uses our services. It is that simple. We do get many referrals by word of mouth and we appreciate that our existing customers refer us to their friends, family, neighbors, classmates, and so forth.

Think about it, if you like our service and you know someone who needs it as well, why not recommend us and make a few dollars for doing so. They will be happy and so will you. Furthermore, if you prefer, instead of receiving cash, you can take payment in the form of credit to be used on your next order.

Call us at: (6 3 1) 8 7 8 – 3 3 2 7

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